Thursday, April 26, 2012

How To Get Accepted to FileIce in under 12 Hours

Hey fellow readers,
today I'm going to show you the simplest and safest way to get accepted to FileIce, the number one PPD site at the moment.

First you have to wake up to the fact that FileIce provides the most revenue possible for a PPD network, thus you need to apply for it. It's exclusive for its members, therefore your chances of getting accepted will highly increase and the time your application needs to be reviewed will decrease when referred through another member. Normally it takes up to 72 hours for your application to be reviewed wihout any referral. With a referral it mostly takes only 12 hours. You could use any ref link, but since I wrote this guide I'd highly appreciate it if you took mine. Just click on the link below:
Referral Link

You can skip this step if you already have any niche site or something related to a blog. I will tell you what to do below, of that is the case.

So basically we want to create the impression of us owning a (small) community where we could provide our files to download. Simply create a blogspot (navigate to ) blog and fill it with some content - 3 articles are enough for this intention. Just write a few sentences about any file you uploaded or if not, simply upload 3 files to mediafire for example. It could be anything useful to you users, maybe some ebook or only a text file, it's up to you.
Make the blog look decent - don't simply take the standard blogspot theme, make a few changes and maybe add a nice header, just don't make it lool like the ordinary blogspot blogs.

You already got some site of your own? That's awesome! You could pretend to provide some sort of ebooks related to your niche, host some nice tools, it's up to you! You even don't have to make changes on your site since we will just use it to verify our FileIce appliaction to drastically increase the chances of getting in as well.

The registration. Yes, it's that easy! You have to use a US IP - I like to search up my proxies here: as it has a nice filtering option where you can easily choose the country you want your proxy to be from and maybe the time the proxy takes to respond. The best is to use a VPN or some premium proxy though, it will increase your anonymity.
The first page is easy, isn't it. Just put in your wished details - use an e-mail you can rely on since this will be the contact e-mail for your account (you can change it later though).
On the 2nd page put in some US details - It has to be US, I don't know why, but I got rejected two times from my actual country (Germany) and was told to try it again using US data - it worked! If you are lazy or not really into US addresses, simply use FakeNameGenerator, a nice free tool to generate valid fake IDs (Zip code and cities match, it's perfect to use for our purpose. Navigate to and generate some IDs until you find a nice one you want to use. You could also use your real name since this will be on your PayPal anyways, but a fake one does the job as well. 
As a matter of fact, for some there will be a SSN field required, for some it won't. You need to have this field since for some reason your application triggers an error if that's not the case. If you don't see it, try changing your proxy (don't forget to clear your cookies, simply run CCleaner). If you got that field, just generate some random US SSN with this tool: - don't forget to remove the dashes! So it has to be, for example, 521308595 and not 521-30-8595.
Fill out all the fields with your info and hit 'Next'.
Now to the part for what we needed to create our community (or use our existing one). You can choose between two types of verification: The simple Meta one or the File upload one. Put in your website (for example ). Choose the one you like (blogspot has to take Meta). The FTP one is much easier to do, but won't work with a blogspot blog.
If you have a website on your own, simply upload the file you are given by download to your root (the main directory of your page, where index.html is placed as well) and click on verify - Success! You can also choose Meta verification if you want to.
Blogspot users do it this way:
You are given a short manual on how to verify your blog and a code. Copy that code and go to your blogspot dashboard. Navigate to the 'Template' menu and click on Edit HTML. Click proceed, it's just a warning that you could fuck up your whole site if you do shit. Now search for the <head></head> tag - press Ctrl + F and type it in. When you found it, paste the copied code between those two like this: <head>CODE</head>.
Click on 'save template' and hit the [x] above since without hitting the [x], the changes will not show on your site.
Now click on verify at your application - Success!
So far, so good. Now you need to describe how to drive traffic to your downloads and get conversion in the 'Description/Methods' field.
Just write anything related to your niche. If you got a fitness site, tell them that you provide ebooks on your topic for your readers. Be creative, you'll get what I mean.
Don't make the description too short, write some sentences - the longer, the better! You can also write that you drive your traffic mainly through YouTube and Facebook for example.
Enter the captcha and click on 'Submit'.
And there you go, your application is sent.

You should get your confirmation in about 12 hours - the delay could tend depending on whether you submitted your application on regular work times or in the middle of the night!

Thanks for reading and good luck. I will provide further support for my referrals, just shoot me a PM in BHW (anfyd) or comment here.

I will soon add pictures and release my guide on BHW as well, i'll have to do some finishing touches though, it's just the draft.

This guide was exlusively written for BlackHatWorld, and How2Methods, you are not allowed to spread it without my permission.

anfyd (BlackHatWorld)